Warna in Teal

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Exclusive: A homegrown collaboration between Harīrose and Syomir Izwa

Warna in Teal, is the newest gem of our Hari Syomir collection. This lively abstract design captures the essence of fluid artistry, resembling the interplay of colors on a canvas. Warna, inspired by the vibrant hues of the nation’s diversity, graces the scarf in captivating Teal tones, an ode to serenity. At its heart, a dance of abstract forms takes shape, echoing the freedom of self-expression. Framing the edges, these artistic motifs converge into a harmonious tapestry. Warna in Teal, a testament to creative expression, invites you to make a statement in the language of colors.

Material:Satin Silk

Dimension: 46” x 46”

Colour: Teal