Warna in Black

RM99.00 MYR

Exclusive: A homegrown collaboration between Harīrose and Syomir Izwa

Warna in Black, is the newest gem from our Hari Syomir collection. This dynamic abstract design captures the very essence of fluid artistry, much like the symphony of colors on an artist's canvas. Warna, drawing inspiration from the diverse hues of our nation, graces the scarf with alluring Black shades, a tribute to elegance. At its core, a choreography of abstract forms emerges, echoing the liberating spirit of self-expression. As these artistic motifs gracefully embrace the borders, they weave together into a harmonious tableau. Warna in Black stands as a testament to unbridled creativity, inviting you to speak volumes in the language of colors.

Material: Satin Silk

Dimension: 46” x 46”

Colour:  Black