LE Saya in Noir

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Exclusive: A homegrown collaboration between Harīrose and Syomir Izwa

Presenting Saya in Noir, a masterpiece from our Hari Syomir collection that encapsulates the essence of Malaysia's vibrant diversity. This concept-driven design takes you on a visual odyssey through the nation's rich tapestry, artfully depicting its iconic landmarks, delectable cuisine, and festive jubilations. Against the backdrop of deep Black, intricate motifs come to life, offering a reverent nod to Malaysia's cultural mosaic. Each element on the scarf, whether it's the bustling streets or beloved culinary treasures, narrates a tale of harmony in multiplicity. Saya in Noir transcends being a mere accessory – it's a tangible celebration of Malaysia's heritage and unifying spirit.

Material: Satin Silk

Dimension: 46” x 46”

Colour:  Black