LE Saya in Eggshell

RM109.00 MYR

Exclusive: A homegrown collaboration between Harīrose and Syomir Izwa

Saya in Eggshell, is a masterpiece from our Hari Syomir collection that embodies the heart of Malaysia's vibrant diversity. This concept-driven design is a visual journey through the nation's rich tapestry, capturing its iconic places, delectable foods, and joyous festivals. The Eggshell tone provides a serene backdrop for the intricate motifs that pay homage to Malaysia's cultural mosaic. From bustling streets to cherished delicacies, every element on the scarf tells a story of unity in diversity. Saya in Eggshell is more than an accessory – it's a wearable celebration of Malaysia's heritage and spirit.

Material: Satin Silk

Dimension: 46” x 46”

Colour:  Cream