Mahsuri Scarf in Lilac Yellow

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It seems no matter what generation you identify with, Rumah Nenek will always evoke fond memories where stories are shared. Whether you’re the “stay in the kitchen to help out” type or the “I’m just here to take content” type - Rumah Nenek is the perfect backdrop for making Raya memories. The Mahsuri design is reminiscent of the chinoiserie chinaware often kept in the back cabinets in our Nenek’s house, reserved only for special occasions. When wearing this scarf, everyday is a special occasion. This beautiful lilac and golden yellow colour can be paired with soft pastel yellow kurung for a monochromatic look, or go contrast with a lilac kebaya.  

Material : Satin Silk

Color : Lilac and yellow

Dimension : 46” x 46”