LE Siti Scarf in Crimson Navy

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Our limited edition Siti scarf is inspired by grandma's vases. The pattern is developed in the shape of a flower pot that is a staple in our grandmother's house. Grandma's vases never go out of style; they are timeless and evergreen. This abstract reincarnation of grandma’s vases has a modern twist. Since the design is already intricate, we suggest pairing it with a plain kurung or kebaya. Pair the Siti Scarf in Crimson Navy with dark blue, maroon or even emerald green.

*Every purchase of our LE Siti Scarves comes with a Libo Sampul Duit Raya pack (while stocks last).

Material : Satin Silk

Color : Navy Crimson

Dimension : 46” x 46”