At Sekuntum, we celebrate and encourage self-love and self-growth in hopes that you will bloom in your path confidently. And it's no different when we came up with our Raya collection - it’s always about allowing whatever inspiration to bloom wherever it's planted. When we designed our scarves, the patterns and the colors organically juxtapose in perfect harmony, in serasi.

Serasi to me is not just the alignment of thoughts, ideas, beliefs, but shared values, matched energy levels, and same wavelength.

Serasi is the marriage of colors, patterns and prints.

Serasi is an intuition between friends, a look in the eye, never having to say a word, knowing the secret shared.


Serasi is a perfect collision of different melodies harmoniously coming together in a symphony. 


Serasi is a garden of poppies, hibiscus and tulips, blooming together, never having to compete for their moment in the sun. 

Our Serasi scarves comes in two Arabesque design and three blooming flowers design 



Till next time,

April 06, 2022