We’ve broken down step by step, because we <3 you! 

There’s nothing more I love than easy styling tips. I’m sure for most of you, going back to work after this significant time might need a little adjustment. This work-friendly styling tip is just what you need! Trust me, it will help you to feel calmer and ready to focus on your day!

And have I mentioned this will only take you less than 5 minutes? 

Whether I’m out running errands or in the midst of shooting, I do love a simple “on the go” look. For me, the “on the go” style needs to be effortless, quick and suits my everyday pieces. I hope you give a try on one of my favorite looks here! 

What I love about the Serasi Collection is each scarf is distinctive, easy to shape and beginner-friendly. Do you have a go-to “night out” look? 


I would love to see how you style the Serasi scarves and please tag me at @iniharirose ! 


With Love, 


April 11, 2022